Agri-Plas, Inc. Plant
The following schedule shows the week that we will be in your town for collection. 

Call us at 503-390-2381 to confirm that you need a pick-up.  Always call to let us know if our visit must be coordinated as a collection event that includes multiple participants. 

We have not posted a collection schedule for the Yakima to Pasco corridor.  Pesticide container customers in these areas will be picked up on a call-in basis.  Contact us at 503-390-2381 to schedule a pick-up.

Agri-Plas operates a collection facility located at 10070 Glade North Road, Eltopia, Washington.  Our drop-off location is on the corner of Glade North Road and Dogwood, and will accept all customer-delivered empty, triple-rinsed pesticide containers from 9 am – 3 pm Monday through Saturday.

If you have any questions about our pick-up schedule or need to request a non-scheduled pick-up for your location, please contact us at 503-390-2381.

Sept. 7-11

 Sept. 14-18

 Sept. 21-25

 Sept. 21-25 continued

 Sept. 28-Oct. 2

 Quincy  Irrigon  Colfax  Oaksdale  Adams
 Wenatchee  Boardman  Pullman  Rosalia  Athena
 George  Umatilla  Colton  Garfield  Milton-Freewater
 Ephrata  Echo  Uniontown  St. John  Walla Walla
 Moses Lake  Hermiston  Palouse  Thornton  Waitsburg
     Endicott  Tekoa  Dayton
    LaCross    Pomeroy

 Oct. 5-9

 Oct. 12-16

 Oct. 12-16 continued

 Oct. 19-23

 Oct. 26-30

 Othello  Lind  Edwall  Quincy  Brewster
 Bruce  Ritzville  Davenport  Wenatchee  Coulee City
 Mesa  Spokane  Harrington  Royal City  Waterville
 Warden  Mead  Creston  Basin City  Oronda
 Connell  Valleyford  Wilbur    Chelan
 Plymouth  Rockford  Almira    Manson
 Patterson  Reardon  Odessa    Pateros
5016 Waconda Rd NE Brooks, OR 97305 | 503.390.2381p | 503.390.5454f